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A Word About The Weekend - September 19

This weekend we continue in our "Wise Up" series with a very special guest. Dr. Ray Cummings will be our guest preacher for the weekend and will share insights from the Book of Ecclesiastes that will keep us moving forward in our quest for meaning and purpose in life. Join us for Starting Point or Small Group Bible study at 9:00 am and worship at 10:30....

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A Word About The Weekend - How to live in a unpredictable world

LIVING UNDER AUTHORITYHas you boss at work ever made you angry? Have you ever struggled to live with decisions the government has made? God has placed people in positions of authority over us and established a principle that we are to honor and be submissive to these structures as long as they don't tell us to disobey God.That can be a struggle for us... especially when we...

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Reflections on Reality


Knowledge deals with the "WHAT"Understanding deals with the "WHY"Wisdom addresses the "HOW"... How do we respond to the "what" in light of the "why". God wants us to live wisely. To respond to reality... And that includes the reality of things unseen. It is important that we "WISE UP!", because there is a drastic difference between how Jesus and the world defi...

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