A Word From Our Pastor


Hey Friends,

As you may know, I recently decided to delete my personal social media accounts and focus my online efforts toward our church & toward ministry. I decided to do this for three reasons:

  1. Family: I don't want my wife and children and friends remembering me with a phone constantly in front of my face. Stephanie is the love of my life and our kids are a gift from God that we need to treasure. I wanted to invest my time into our family, and into my friends. They all deserve to be a top priority in regards to my attention, focus, and time.
  2. Focus: Clicking through news feeds, commenting on status updates and photos, and using messenger was becoming more and more time consuming (and distracting…and even sometimes frustrating). I want to engage people with spiritual truth, and social media seems to dilute those efforts with distractions, divisions, and discouragement.
  3. Freedom: Ministry in this pandemic season has been taxing. I expect the coming days to be no different. A consuming social media schedule compromises my ability to be present “in the room” and “in the moment”. I have already felt a freedom to focus on study, preparation, and even more personal interaction!

However, I want to be very clear... I'm not stopping, I'm simply shifting. I will continue to produce weekly content through preaching and teaching, through articles, videos, and more! In fact, I am shifting much of my effort to hardystreet.online and scotthanberry.com. Our Hardy Street team is also posting content to our Church’s social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and our weekly emails.


Going forward, you will receive two emails from our team. The first will be more devotional in nature and will offer resources for faith development and growth in the disciple life! The second email will have more information pertaining to church events, schedules, and announcements.

Finally, I personally want to thank you for your faithful stewardship and consistent involvement in the ministry of this great Church. We believe the Lord is preparing us for growth (especially in regards to reaching beyond the walls of 1508 Hardy Street) and we are spiritually optimistic about the days ahead! We believe the best truly is yet to be!

We will launch a new Faith At Home initiative in the weeks ahead and will call out the very best in our church family regarding intentional, focused prayer! We have some great, bold content coming out in the weeks ahead! Please stay with us as we fight for the Gospel, the Bible, and the Church.

To Him be the glory,