Hurricane Harvey Relief


Many have asked how to give to offer relief in the wake of Hurricane Harvey... Let me suggest Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.

SBC Disaster Relief is the 3rd largest relief agency in the world! After the 911 attacks, SBC mobile kitchen units were there! After Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, SBC volunteers were mobilized in mass to offer aid!

100% of what you give through Southern Baptist Disaster Relief actually helps people in need. Not a penny of those funds is spent on administration or fundraising.

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For sake of comparison, Red Cross spends $0.90 of every dollar on the programs and services it delivers. That figure for Samaritans Purse is $0.88 of every dollar. This information is not intended to disparage any other organization, by the way. God bless anybody who wants and tries to help. But Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is able to put $1.00 out of every $1.00 given in these situations into the services and programs we deliver...all in Jesus' name. Give to and through whomever you wish. But if you want your money to go further, SBDR is an excellent option.