Children's Ministry


Welcome to the Faith Factory! Our Preschool and Children’s Ministry is passionate about building and growing children’s faith in God by combing the love of parents and the light of the church. Our desire is that our kids and families will make much of Jesus as they journey through life together.

Our Preschool and Children’s ministries exist to provide a loving, nurturing, and safe environment in which to teach our children that...

God made them. God loves them. God has a plan for their lives. Jesus is God’s one and only Son. The Bible is God’s Word and it is truth.

Building Faith in the Next Generation 

One of our greatest desires at the Faith Factory is to see children's faith in God grow.
At the Faith Factory we do this in many ways.

Sunday School is a focused time where children are taught the timeless truths of scripture by our team of committed and caring adults.  

Children's church is provided on Sunday mornings. During this hour K- 2nd grade will learn about God through songs, scripture, and games.

On Wednesday evenings we have a kids Bible study time where we go deeper into the story of the GOSPEL. Children are split into small groups where each student is able to grow in their faith alongside children of a similar age.


Sunday School - 9:00AM (All ages)

Children's Church - 10:30AM (First 3 Sundays of every Month, K-2nd Grade)

Celebration Sunday - 10:30AM (Fourth Sunday of every Month, Everyone Attend Sunday Service, No Children's Church)

Family Worship Sunday - 10:30AM (Every Fifth Sunday, Everyone Invited to Worship in Faith Factory, K-6th Graders & Their Families)

Wednesday Night Family Meal - 5PM ($20.00 family max)

Children’s Choir- 6pm

Bible Drills and Skills- 6pm

Bible Study- 6:15

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