Children's Ministry

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Building Faith in the Next Generation 

One of our greatest desires at the Faith Factory is to see children's faith in God grow.
At the Faith Factory we do this in many ways.

Sunday School is a focused time where children are taught the timeless truths of scripture by our team of commited and caring adults.  

Also on Sunday's we have a fun and engaging Children's church hour for K-3rd graders. During this hour we play, sing, and learn about God through the GOSPEL PROJECT which helps our students see the big picture of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and today.

Wednesday evenings we have a kids Bible study time where we go deeper into the story of the GOSPEL. This time is focused on small groups where each student is able to build lasting friendships. We start our Wednesday evenings off with our Children's Choir which sings monthly on Sunday mornings and helps children learn some great songs and develop a love of music. 



Sunday School - 9:00AM (All ages)

Children's Church - 10:30AM (First 3 Sundays of every Month, K-2nd Grade)

Celebration Sunday - 10:30AM (Fourth Sunday of every Month, Everyone Attend Sunday Service, No Children's Church)

Fifth Sunday Family Worship - 10:30AM (Everyone Invited to Worship in Faith Factory, K-6th Graders & Their Families)


Wednesday Night Family Meal - 5PM ($20.00 family max)

Activities for All Ages - 6PM


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