If your desire is to honor the Lord through your lifelong legacy... We can help!

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In a short, 45-minute phone call with one of their estate specialists, PhilanthroCorp will gather the information needed to create or update your will and estate documents that will serve to protect and provide for your family and to create the legacy you desire to leave when called home to heaven.  This process may take one call or it may take several conversations to get to the plan that is right for you; either way, the process moves at your pace.

If you choose to draft your plan into an official Mississippi document, PhilanthroCorp can refer you to a Christian attorney in Mississippi who will draft at a very low rate, which is often half of what documents would cost if you walked into an attorney’s office.  You may also choose to work with your own attorney…this is your decision entirely, and is the only portion of this process that is your cost.  

If you have never completed a will or estate documents or if it has been awhile since your last plan was written, there may be no easier, less-expensive way to accomplish this critical task, all with counsel from a Biblical worldview.

If this is something you have been thinking about doing, then now is the time to get it done! Simply click on the link below and a representative from PhilanthroCorp will contact you.