August 28, 2016 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: The DNA of H.S.B.C.

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 1:1–1:10

The D.N.A. of H.S.B.C. 
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Dr. Scott Hanberry 

Why should we care about what happened in Thessolonica 2,000 years ago? 

This was an __________ ________ of God. 

1) Look at the __________ of the work of God (vs.5). 

~God works through believers communicating the Gospel. 
~God works through the ___________ of the Gospel. 
~God works through unbelievers as they _______ & ______ to the Gospel (vs. 6). 


Let us be careful that we do not speak or act in such a way that others think that the Gospel is a small thing! 

Jesus pointedly insisted upon fruit as a mark and evidence of true discipleship! We need to do some fruit inspection! 

You love God, and want to follow Him. Now you have to choose: 

~To live for yourself or to deny yourself. 
~To ignore the cross or to take it up. 
~To seek to save your life and ultimately lose it, or to lose (or invest) your life and ultimately find it. 
~To gain the world or to forsake the world. 
~To lose your soul or to keep it. 

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