A People Mobilized for Action

August 6, 2017 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Courageous Faith

Topic: Faith Scripture: Joshua 1:10–1:18

Sermon Series: Courageous Faith
Today's Message: A People Mobilized for Action
Text: Joshua 1:10-18
Dr. Scott Hanberry

A people mobilized for action involves the interaction of qualified leadership and unselfish persons with unified, common goals.

Leadership = ______________________.

Spiritual leadership = moving people from where they are to where God wants them to be.

God’s agenda is advanced through leaders who are ____________ and followers who are ________________ to leadership!

1) True Spiritual leaders walk with God unreservedly! (vs. 10 - THEN)
     They ______the way, ______the way & ________ the way!

2) True Spiritual leaders ______________ decisively! (vs. 10, 13)

3) True Spiritual leaders _______________ wisely! (10, 12)

4) True Spiritual leaders ________________ clearly! (11)

5) Godly followers ___________ community good over personal,      vested interests. (12-15)

6) Godly followers ______________around a common task,               following its God-given leadership. (16-18)

What are the boundaries of your obedience? What are you willing to do for Christ vs. what are you unwilling to do for Christ? What is it that if God were to call you or ask you that you’d say I won’t / can’t do that?


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