On Jordan's Stormy Banks

August 20, 2017 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Courageous Faith

Topic: Faith Scripture: Joshua 3:1–3:17

Message Series: Courageous Faith
Message Title: On Jordan's Stormy Banks
Text: Joshua 3:1-17
Dr. Scott Hanberry
In Scripture, the Jordan River’s presence on Israel’s eastern edge stood as an enduring metaphor of transitions - especially entering into the promises of God! These transitions point directly to your life as well. For believers in the twenty-first century, “crossing Jordan” is a movement from lower level of Christian living that involves us trusting God through spiritual obstacles. It describes our entrance to the spiritual warfare of Ephesians, a rejection of a life lived by the flesh and human effort, and the beginning of a life centered in faith and obedience.
Today, I want you (individually) and us (collectively) to move to the right side of God’s promises!

Three orders to “crossing over”…
  1. Get Ready (Joshua 3:1-4) _____________ for crossing.
         Be certain of divine leadership (vs. 3)
         Be careful to keep God in the forefront… (vs.4)
         He deserves glory, majesty, power & authority (Jude 1:25)

    2. Get Set (Joshua 3:5-13) 
    ___________ before crossing.
         Be set apart; be ________________!
  1. Go! (Joshua 3:14-17) __________ of God’s faithfulness.
         Be confident in ____________ leadership. 

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