No Room for Judging God

September 10, 2017 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Courageous Faith

Topic: Faith Scripture: Joshua 8:18–8:29

Sermon Series: Courageous Faith
Today's Message: No Room for Judging God
Text: Joshua 8:18-29
Dr. Scott Hanberry

The Book of Joshua is filled with war, conquest, & destruction. Many people struggle with the problem of violence in the Old Testament, especially divinely sanctioned & commanded violence. God told His people to annihilate the inhabitants of Canaan & these commands sound to our modern ears like genocide. Today, we will look at the judgement of God on sin...and ponder His right to do so!

In an age of customization of lifestyle and belief...we approach the Bible like a recipe that we can ______________ & _______________.

3 things let to their defeat:


     It is possible for us to have ___________ & ____________       objectives but be overconfident in our flesh.


     Our ___________ things should belong to God.


     A conflict between what you __________ and what you ________
     will always lead to misery in the life of a child of God.

Two observations:

~God had been patient up to this point. (Genesis 15:16)

~Repentance was a possibility! (Joshua 2:11)

*God is ______________ than us.
*God's _____________ is greater than anything.
*God has the __________ and the __________ to judge.
*We have neither the right or the ability to ___________ __________.

I find it much more difficult to understand why God allowed the people of King Jesus to _____________ than why God allowed the people of the King of Ai to _____________!


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