Our Place in This Kingdom

December 17, 2017 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Pursuing the King

Topic: Prophecy concerning Jesus Scripture: 2 Peter 3

Message Series: Pursuing the King
Message Title: Our Place in This Kingdom
Text: 2 Peter 3
Dr. Scott Hanberry

The King is coming. Jesus Christ has come and will come again. This is the hope of the Church whom He purchased with His blood. Jesus' coming is the eager expectation and desire of His people. It is our joy because He is our treasure and greatest good. This is the theme of "Advent," formed from a Latin word meaning "coming" or "arrival." It's the traditional celebration of Jesus' first advent of Jesus coming in humility and the anxious awaiting of His second in glory. The season is a time for remembering and rejoicing, watching and waiting. For Christmas to be all that it shoud be for us, we need to do three things:

1.) Look ______ and _______ at the Incarnation.
     Remember that it was promised
     Remember that it was predicted

2.) Look _________ and experience liberation & make daily life application.
     Consider all that He has made available to you today. 
     Consider grace, truth, & judgement.

3.) Look _______ to the culmination of the Kingdom and walk in _____ & ______.

Kingdom People treasure their King. May our hearts be encouraged in this season! We challenge you to take time to reflect on God's good attributes and His faithfulness to do exactly what He said He would.

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