Legacy of Godliness

May 13, 2018 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: No Place Like Home

Topic: Family Scripture: 1 Samuel 1–2

Sermon Series: No Place Like Home
Today's Message: Legacy of Godliness
Text: 1 Samuel 1 & 2
Dr. Scott Hanberry


A legacy is not just to be left, it is to be lived before it can be left. And we all have a legacy. It is either a good one or a poor one. It is either a legacy of influence for Christ, the Gospel, the Word of God, and the testimony of faith...or else it is a legacy for something else that is far less. Today we're speaking of the "Legacy of a Godly Mother." Today, we celebrate womanhood and motherhod! We celebrate the faith and the courage; the sacrifice and the devotion; the prayers of godly mothers!


1.) The __________ she came from.
     A dysfunctional family
     A distressed nation
     A state of depression

2.) The _______ of her heart.

3.) The ________ she has for her children.

4.) The ______ she has in the ability of God.

5.) The ________ for you!

If you want to ________ another life, you must be shaped by _______.

Commit yourself to the _______ and your family to His _______.

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