The Blood Made All the Difference

February 11, 2019 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Read the Book

Topic: Redemption Scripture: Exodus 12

Sermon Series: The Story of Redemption
Bible Era: The Exodus Era
Today's Message: The Blood Made All the Difference
Text: Exodus 12
Dr. Scott Hanberry

In the grand narrative of history that has been unfolding, God remains in control. Though the children of Israel now found themselves in slavery in Egypt, God has not forgotten His promises to His people. In fact, God has already been fulfilling His promise to make a great nation from Abraham. He will now continue to fulfill His promise by delivering them from the slavery of Egypt and taking them toward the land of promise. His delivery will be rife with vivid illustrations of the seriousness of sin, the importance of obedience, and the grace of God!

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