Two Ways to Live

March 24, 2019 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Read the Book

Scripture: Deuteronomy 28

Sermon Series: Read the Book
Today's Message: Two Ways to Live
Text: Deuteronomy 28
Dr. Scott Hanberry

In our text Moses sets before the congregation of Israel the blessings and the curses of the covenant that they are renewing. Moses says, "If you diligently obey the voice of the Lord." The word "if" looms large. In this chapter, Moses encouraged the nation with a choice. In today's faith walk, we are no different. We too have a choice to diligently and faithfully obey God's voice or stray from his ways and suffer consequences.

1.) Israel's God comes _____ to _____ His people.

2.) The ______ (vv. 1-14) are heavily _____ by the _____ (vv. 15-68). Why?

     The blessings are in the _____ not the _____!

     The covenant God made with Israel contained three major features: 
          The law      _____.
          The sacrifice _____.
          Teh choice _____.



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