Calling All Men... Let's Make Disciples

be and make
An Open Letter to Christian Men in the Pinebelt
How many of you would say, “I love the Lord!”? I bet most all of you. I bet you would say that you want to please Him and that you want your life to count for Him. I also bet that most men that I know have never submitted themselves to a process of being trained and equipped to do the very thing that Jesus commissioned as most important - MAKE DISCIPLES!
I want to change that! I am asking you to join me on Tuesday Mornings at 6:00 am for a time of training with a group of men!
Take a second and watch this special message from Dr. Scott Hanberry:

Disciple-Making from HardySBC on Vimeo.

Step #1 - Go to this link - TRAINING  #1  and watch the video. Get a pen and paper and follow the instructions. 
Step #2 - Commit to be at the Activity Center next Tuesday morning (April 2nd) at 6:00 am for breakfast and a time of training!
We will have all eternity to enjoy those we bring to christ… but we have a limited window of time and opportunity here on earth to bring them there!
Sowing for a Harvest, 
Scott Hanberry