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Small Groups


Connection & Interaction is more imporant now more than ever! 

Sunday School, Bible Fellowship Groups, Life Groups...

No matter what you call them... and no matter if you’re a brand new follower of Jesus Christ,
or an old pro, you need to be in an online group!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • In a time of isolation, interaction is good for the mind and the soul!
  • You’ll meet some great friends!
  • You’ll learn practical, life-changing successes from the Bible!
  • You’ll engage in meaningful, relevant discussions, and
  • You’ll grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ!F

At Hardy Street Baptist Church we believe that Bible Fellowship Groups provide authentic community for every person. It can satisfy that "longing for belonging" like nothing else.

If you would like information about online small group times and login information, contact Associate Pastor for Discipleship, Joe Gunter (HERE). 

small groups