God-Sized Goals for 2017


God-sized Goals for 2017

Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession” (Psalm 2:8).

From the "State of the Church" Address on January 1, 2017:

"Hardy Street, I never want us to stop dreaming big. We serve a God who does more than we can ask or imagine. So I want it to be said of our church that we prayed and worked and risked in ways that show we believe God’s audacious promises". ~ Pastor Scott Hanberry

Because of that, we align goals with priorities:

1) KNOWING - Every member committed to knowing Christ and Making Him known! How?

ONE voice - Every member’s testimony on whativaluemost.com & on video interview.
ONE pursuit - Invest one hour a week in intercessory prayer.
ONE hour - Invest one hour a month for outreach.
ONE verse - Learn / memorize one verse a week.

2) GROWING - Every member committed to growing in Christ in shared life community. How?

We challenge EVERY member to walk in the Word by using the:

2017 Bible Reading Plan (Here)
2017 Bible Memory Plan (coming soon)
2017 Bible Study Plan (coming soon)

- We challenge EVERY member attending a “Feed Yourself” Workshop

- We challenge EVERY member to step on the Disciples Path
(a commitment to small group life)

- To add 8 new small groups in 2017

- Increase our Bible Fellowship attendance to 300

- Grow our Worship attendance to 400

3) GOING - Every member committed to going for Christ to our Neighbors, the Nations, and the Next Generation! How?

17 in 17… Seventeen people to be saved each month in 2017 (Baptize - 204 people!)

ONE soul - Lead one person to faith in Jesus
ONE disciple - Invest in one person to help them grow in Christ.
ONE day’s wage - Give at least one day’s wage into the Worldwide Missions Offering

We challenge every member to consider going on a short term mission experience. There are opportunities to go to Idaho, Wyoming, Dominican Republic, China, India, Indiana, New Orleans, and Atlanta! That is not counting local projects with Lighthouse and Christian Services!

We are following God to consider sponsoring a Church Plant. We already have people in our church considering relocating to Idaho and we are prayerfully seeking God’s direction for our church in this matter.