Real Faith Works - A Journey through James

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Here's a preview of the month of September in our "Real Faith Works" series

September 2

Sermon Title: Trials On The Outside
Sermon Text: James 1:1-12
Sermon Theme: Growing through trials
Synopsis: God works through the trials of our lives
Dr. Scott Hanberry

September 9

Sermon Title: Temptation from Within
Sermon Text: James 1:13-18
Sermon Theme: Growing through temptation
Synopsis: A battle plan for dealing with temptation
Dr. Scott Hanberry

September 16

Sermon Title: Avoid Self Deception
Sermon Text:James 1:19-27
Sermon Theme: Growing in the Word
Synopsis: The importance of the Word of God in spiritual formation
Bro. Scott Pittman

September 23

Sermon Title: Pride and Prejudice
Sermon Text: James 2:1-13
Sermon Theme:Growing a right heart
Synopsis: The dangers of pride and the appropriation of grace
Dr. Scott Hanberry

September 30

Sermon Title: How Real Faith Works
Sermon Text: James 2:14-26
Sermon Theme:Working Faith
Synopsis:The right understanding of faith and works
Dr. Scott Hanberry