The Greatest Mistake You Can Make

April 17, 2017

Scripture: Matthew 27:1–27:5, 2 Corinthians 7:10–7:11

The resurrection of Jesus Christ means that there is hope! Perhaps it could be said this way... The greatest mistake in life is to give up hope and turn away from Christ!

Dr. Hanberry explores the lives of Judas and Peter. They both failed miserably... One denied Jesus; the other betrayed Him. When you have done something wrong, don’t wallow in despair and self-condemnation… that is giving up hope.

As we consider the remorse of Judas and the repentance of Peter, we see options that lay before us all. 

REMORSE looks inside and says, "I have wasted my life"
REPENTANCE looks to Christ and says, "I'll give you my life"

You can look inwardly, turning in on yourself with regret and say I have wasted my life and to be enclosed in the darkness of despair. Or, you can look up to Christ and find hope. With all my mistakes, with all my choices, with all my failures... I come to Christ Jesus and I give Him my life.