Concerning the Holy Spirit

February 25, 2018 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: The Chazown Experience

Topic: Personal God Scripture: Romans 8:5–8:11

Message Series: Chazown-Discover God's Dream for Your Life
Message Title: Concerning the Holy Spirit
Text: Romans 8:5-11
Dr. Scott Hanberry

After becoming a Christian, many believers feel that it is now up to them and their willpower to live a holy and pleasing life before God. Yet, as good as our intentions may be, we are incapable of living a life pleasing to God without His help. That help is found through the person of the Holy Spirit. You need to understand the four most basic concepts that increase, or limit, the empowerment or influence of the Holy Spirit. They are: submitting to Christ's lordship of our lives, confessing sin, relying moment by moment on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and abiding in Christ.

____________ is the work of the Holy Spirit.
     Set free from the Law of ______ and ______.
     Set free to ______________.

____________ is the work of the Holy Spirit.
     The believer is acquitted and acepted by God, with the guilt and        penalty of his/her sins put away forever.

     God planned it, Christ executed it on the cross, and it is applied to us by the Holy Spirit.

___________ is the work of the Holy Spirit.

     The process of more consistently and more fervently obeying Jesus Christ.

(vs. 5) There are two kinds of people:

Those who are according to the _______.
Those who are according to the _______.
Which are you this morning?

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