God is For Me

January 20, 2019 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Read the Book

Topic: Faith Scripture: Genesis 37

Sermon Series:Read the Book
Today's Message: God is For Me
Text: Genesis 37
Dr. Scott Hanberry

Joseph is one of 12 brothers, born through different mothers to Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, to whom God had given great and precious promises. God’s hand was on Joseph in a special way, and for this reason, he was hated by his brothers. The brothers sold Joseph as a slave and he was taken to Egypt where he suffered greatly. But God loved Joseph and caused him to be promoted to the highest office in the land, giving him charge over the food supply for the whole nation.In time, famine came to Canaan where Joseph’s brothers were, so they came to Egypt to get food, not realizing that the man in charge was their own brother. 


Emphasis for today: 


The one they ________________
__ becomes the one on whom
all their ________________
___ __________________.


1) Joseph was __________ & ____________ by his Father. (3-4)

2) Joseph was loved & favored by God. (8)

How do we know this? God ____________ to him!

3) Their ____________ & _________________ will be in the hand of this loved and favored son.

Never underestimate the antagonism toward God that resides in even the most respectable human heart.

Sometimes receiving the Word of God will isolate you from your friends, but it is better for you to lose friends than to lose Jesus Christ.

Always remember that Christ is loved and favored by God (and in him that love and favor is extended to you)


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