A Word About the Weekend



“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”Matthew 5:4

This weekend we'll continue our journey of discovery in the Beatitudes! As we look to Matthew 5:4, we'll see the blessing of comfort that comes to those who mourn...but its deeper than just sadness and salve. Jesus was talking about spiritual mourning. 

When we acknowledge our spirutal bankruptcy (poor in spirit), it leads to a deep mourning over our sin... and Spiritual mourning is infused with hope!

Spiritual mourning is the key to tackling what we call “habitual sins,” sins that keep recurring in a person’s life. A true Christian does not live in a cycle of sinning, saying sorry to God and then repeating the same behavior, year after year after year…

Alexander Maclaren says: If you have never been down on your knees before God, feeling what a wicked man or woman you are, I doubt hugely whether you will ever stand with radiant face before God, and praise Him through eternity for His mercy to you. 

Join us this weekend and discover the blessing of God through this intriguing Beatitude!

BIG NEWS! We're rolling out all of our "Holy Week @ Home" resources this weekend! Be sure to stop by a Connect Station or the welcome Center and pick up your @Home Guide for Holy Week! Click on the link below for details!

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