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A Word About the Weekend - WISE UP

have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.Ecclesiastes 1:14 One of the most well-known verses penned by Solomonis in Ecclesiastes 1:14:"I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind." Life "under the sun" can be confusing, disorienting and i...

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A Word about the Weekend - REACH

The fourth and final message in our "GROW UP" series is this Sunday! Pastor Scott will be sharing a message on reaching others with the Gospel. People are always reached in the same way, which is through the telling, the preaching, the sharing of the Gospel - the good news of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection! So, one way or another, people have to hear the Gospel...

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A Word about the Weekend - COMMUNITY

COMMUNITY. We toss the word around and talk about how important it is...A community is an organized group of individuals united by a common trait. It could be a love of flyfishing, Harry Potter novels, or political activism. There's something powerful, fulfilling, and comforting about meeting up with others who share an interest. For the Church, that common trait must b...

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A Word About the Weekend - PRAYING IN FAITH

pray faith

This weekend is part two of our "GROW UP" series... We will explore what it means to pray in faith.Last weekend we learned that listening to God through His Word is a vital step to growing up. It's like food If the Word of God is food for nourishment... Prayer is like breathing! I want you to cultivate boldness in your praying. God may make His purpose known either throu...

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A Word About the Weekend...wrapping up the Beatitudes

Living the Blessed Life! This weekend, we come to the last message in our series on the Beatitudes. This "Traction" series has given us so many handles on the blessings of God. Many of you have spoken of how the Lord has been using these Scriptures in your life. I am grateful for that! These words of Jesus have stretched and shaped me as well... and never more so than in ...

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The Pursuit of Purity

CULTIVATING PURITY Purity of heart does not mean sinlessness. Last weekend we established the fact that Christians in this world are sinners in the process of recovery. There is growth, there is progress, but there is never perfection in this life. Scripture is clear... "If we say we are without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us" (1 John 1:8). ...

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Blessed are the Pure in Heart

This weekend we will explore what it means to be "pure in heart". This next Beatitude tells us that those who are pure in heart will see God. Who can imagine this? Is it even possible to have a heart that thinks what is right, loves what is good, and desires what is best? THE CALL: Being Pure in Heart! THE BLESSING: Seeing God! BOTH THE CALL AND THE BLESSING SEEM TO ...

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Special Guest - Dr. Jamie Dew


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Compassion Journey Weekend


Dont miss out onCompassion Weekend! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! The Compassion Experience is an immersive experience that will help you better understand the plight of impoverished children around the world... and will give you an avenue to make a difference! The Compassion Journey is a part of Compassion International. This free event is an interactive tour that will...

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It's a Birthday Party!

Join us this weekend for the Ten Year Anniversary Celebration of Hardy Street Baptist Church!But wait? I thought there has been a church at 1508 Hardy Street for decades! Hardy Street is a 10 year old church... with 114 years of history! How is that possible? 10 years ago, the Lord led the Faith Family that gathers at 1508 Hardy Street to constitute as a new auton...

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