Big Church University (BCU)


Big Church University begins TOMORROW- Sunday, March 31st.

Children in grades K-6th can pick up a BCU folder at the Faith Factory check in desk, upstairs during Sunday School, or at the entrance to the sanctuary near the church office.
These folders include a letter to our families and WORSHIP NOTES that will help your child engage during our worship service:
K-2nd Grade have yellow folders with age appropriate Worship Notes.

3rd-6th grade have green folders with age appropriate Worship Notes.

We are excited to send you resources each week to help you and your family get the most out of BCU! 
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Is this the first time you've heard about Big Church University?
Our "Big Church University" emphasis involves all of our children in grades K-6th, as well as their families. 

Beginning Sunday, March 31, we will NOT have Children's Church for 10 weeks.
Instead, our children will join their families in the sanctuary for the extended service or "big church".

Why are the kids going to be in the church service?

What will the kids do in big church?
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