NO WEDNESDAY ACTIVITIES on campus tomorrow. 

How to Get the Most out of LiveStream

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How to Get the Most out of LiveStream:
10:30 a.m. on Sunday

1. Make It a "Watch Party" Feel
Bring everyone into the room (and/or invite a friend or two to watch with you) and arrive a few minutes prior to 10:30 a.m. to our Facebook page or website. If possible stream it to a bigger screen than your phone or laptop.

2. Bring Your Bible and Journal

Be prepared to listen and take notes on the message (this week pre-read Matthew 6).

3. Bring Things for Smaller Children to Do

Prepare your children like you would prepare them when they are in the pew. Encourage them to listen for the words "fear" and "faith."

4. Stand and sing when we sing. If you just sit in your recliner while we are leading worship, the tendency will be to become a spectator. We don't want spectators; we want worshipers! Let's lift Jesus' name high in our homes all throughout Hattiesburg!

5. Save your offering until the offering time. If you give online, do it during the offering time at the end. If you mail it or deliver it, write the check during the offering time. This keeps it as part of the worship experience.

6. FINALLY, post a picture of your family (or watch party) worshiping together on our Facebook feed (whether you are watching by Facebook or by our website. This will encourage others and also be a great witness!

I won't see you Sunday, but hopefully you'll see us! If you have a need through the week, let us know because we are still in ministry mode! Hardy Street Baptist Church