It's a Birthday Party!


Join us this weekend for the Ten Year Anniversary Celebration of Hardy Street Baptist Church!

But wait? I thought there has been a church at 1508 Hardy Street for decades! Hardy Street is a 10 year old church... with 114 years of history!

How is that possible? 10 years ago, the Lord led the Faith Family that gathers at 1508 Hardy Street to constitute as a new autonomous congregation and become H.S.B.C. This church has a rich history that dates back to 1907 when it was first formed as Fifth Avenue Baptist Church.
In 1951, the church changed its name to Temple Baptist and later, planted a west campus in the 1990’s... Now the church celebrates the faithfulness of God to carry us forward into the future!
This weekend, we will celebrate this wonderful milestone!
Dr. Jimmy Stewart will be our special guest speaker and Dr. Mark Taylor will lead us in worship! We will have a fellowship meal to follow!