The Reality of Individual Spiritual Conflict

April 17, 2016 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: IT MATTERS: How You Behave

Topic: Spiritual Warfare Scripture: Genesis 3–3

IT MATTERS: How You Behave!
Genesis 3
Dr. Scott Hanberry

The world _______________ us ("earthly") draws us toward sin. 

The flesh _______________ us ("sensual") leans toward sin. 

Powers of darkness _______________ us ("devilish") push us toward sin. 

1) The enemy _______________ us in conversation. 

2) The enemy wans us to _______________ God's Word. 

3) The enemy directs us to what we are _______________. 

4) The enemy wants us to _______________. 

5) The enemy wants us to __________  ____________  __________. 

6) The enemy becomes our _______________. 

How do I respond to Spiritual Warfare? 

~Pursue faithfulness in biblical disciplines of the Christian life: the study of Scripture, prayer and fasting. You shouldn't expect God to grant deliverance from demonic or fleshly desires if you neglect the foremost means the Lord has ordained for your defense. 

~Maintain gospel-centered community. God's design for "Body Life" is the chief environment in which He graces His people. 

~Confess your sins. Satan and sin thrive in the darkness, but there is great healing and hope to be found in bringing your struggles to the light (1 John 1:9; James 5:16). 

~Repent of known sins. Take steps in your life to put sin to death and thus destroy the footholds of the enemy. 

~Persevere in the struggle. The Christian life, on this side of glory, is marked by struggle, and we are to be marked by long-suffering endurance as we press on toward maturity and healing. 

~Remember that our greatest good and hope is in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Fully fix your focus on His life, death, and resurrection, and future return. He alone is worthy of all attention and affection.

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