Taking a Sacred Stand

September 24, 2017 Speaker: William Wall Series: Courageous Faith

Topic: Faith Scripture: Joshua 24:1–24:28

Sermon Series: Courageous Faith
Today's Message: Taking a Sacred Stand
Text: Joshua 24:1-28
Dr. William Wall


Joshua’s final act of public ministry was to gather the tribes of Israel at Shechem for a sacred assembly.


Shechem was a natural amphitheater and a great place for large crowds to gather. It had been used by Abraham on similar occasions and was considered “consecrated” by the Israelites.


Shechem is also the location of Jacob’s Well. It would have been in the land of Samaria during Jesus’ time and is the location of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman.


Is this event “Ancient History” or does it have relevance today?


Three relevant truths from Joshua’s final assembly:

1. We must ___________________ the goodness of God’s grace

a. Israel experienced God’s grace in a general way.

b. They also experienced it in ____________ ways.

c. Notice the hornet, the vineyard, and the olive.


2.   God demands the __________________ of idols and                                                     

      other gods from our lives.

a. The Israelites were well aware of the penalty of _________.

b. There is really no___________…Yahweh is a jealous   God.

c. Why the question, “Which will you worship?”


3.   The covenant itself is the _________________ aspect.

a. Joshua is the author, but God is the _____________.

b. The stones are to honor and reflect on what God            _______________, not to memorialize ______________.

c. Our covenant with ____________ is about what He   has done.

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