See Jonah Repent

October 15, 2017 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: All Called

Topic: Repentance Scripture: Jonah 2

Message Series: All Called 
Today's Message: See Jonah Repent 
Text: Jonah 2 

When life is at its worst...The Lord God will show us His best. What do you do when you find yourself in terrible circumstance? 

1) Make prayer intensely _____________ . (vs. 1) 

We need a good understanding of who God is. 
We need a good understanding of who we are before God. 

"Then Jonah prayed to the Lord his God"

2) Don't panic in your trouble, __________ ! (vs. 1, 3) 

Prayer must a ________ ___________, not a last resort. 

3) Take genuine responsibility for your _________ (vs. 4). 

4) After the confession, take ________ ___________ in the restoration (vs. 4). 

5) Review your own personal testimony (vs. 5 - 6). 

What is God doing in your life right now?
Where are you in your own walk with Christ? 
Are you as close as you should be? 
Do you have a testimony? Maybe you should write yours down! 

6) ______ ________ to the true source of hope - The God of the Bible (vs. 7-8). 

7) Make sure what you ________ translates into how you ______ (vs. 9). 

- Learn how to worship. 
- Learn gratitude. 
- Learn commitment. 
- Learn how to witness "Salvation is from the Lord." 

8) Take advantage of what you've been given (vs. 10). 

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