Characteristics of Wisdom

October 14, 2018 Speaker: Scott Alexander Series: REAL FAITH WORKS - The Book of James

Topic: Wisdom Scripture: James 3:13–3:18

Sermon Series: Real Faith Works
Sermon Title: Characteristics of Wisdom
Text: James 3:13-18
Scott Alexander

We could scour the book of Proverbs and come up with a long, long list of characteristics. But there’s this great passage in James that packs a lot into just a few verses.


The following characteristics are based on

James 3:13-18:


  1. _______________________

       - Wise people don’t constantly brag, boast, or display a             prideful attitude.

2.   ______________ _____________

      - Wise people live an upright and moral life.

3.   ______________________

      - Wise people treat others with care and respect.

4.   ______________________

      - Wise people put the needs of others ahead of            themselves whenever possible.

5.   ___________-____________

      - Wise people don’t foster division. Instead they work to    end strife and turmoil.

6.   ______________________

      - Wise people demonstrate compassion, forgiveness, and kindness to others.

7.   _____________________

       - Wise people are genuine, real, and honest; not deceitful,     hypocritical, or false.

8.   ______________________

      - Wise people are fair and just. They do not show partiality     to others for their own benefit.

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