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Deacon Nomination Process


This Sunday begins our deacon nomination process. The following letter and information was sent out the all of our members over the past weekend. It includes a timeline of the process, biblical qualifications and other pertinent material to assist you in prayerfully considering suggestions for deacon nominees.If you have questions, email them here. Also, you can also make ...

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Godliness and Grandparenting, part 4


The life of faith is likened to a race...and its most closely tied to the imagery of a Greek marathon. In this type of race, the runner's responsibiity is not only to cross the finish line, but to do so with the runner's torch still burning brightly. As Christians, we are called to bear a torch, which is the light of the Gospel, the knowledge of God and His ways, and the W...

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Godliness and Grandparenting, part 3


What kind of legacy will you leave for your children grandchildren? Will it be lasting? Will it be imperishable and eternal? Will it be faith or finances? Values or valuables? Will what you leave behind be only tangible itemsbuildings, money, and/or possessions? The apostle Paul instructed Timothy to invest his life in faithful men who would be able to pass God's truth o...

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Godliness and Grandparenting, part 2

Faith begins at home - series promo

BLESSING FUTURE GENERATIONSThe generational impact of our lives is not something we often stop and consider...but it should be! Your life, your choices, your actions today can impact (for better or for worse) future generations of your family! Today, we consider another of the four roles of a godly Grandparent.These are adapted fromExtreme Grandparentingby Tim Darcy Kimme...

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Godliness and Grandparenting, part 1

Faith begins at home - series promo

Yesterday, our pastor preached on Godliness and grandparenting.In that message, he outlined four Biblical roles for the grandparent.... These are adapted from Extreme Grandparenting by Tim Darcy Kimmel. This week, I'll be sharing those four roles with some additional commentary.From the outset... Dr. Hanberry suggested that agrandparent's goal should be to become a spirit...

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